Here’s a fact not many of you will know... A long time ago, in a galaxy far far away, I completed my doctorate on the subject of the endocannabinoid system and its effects on appetite and obesity 🥼🧪✌🏼 


Put simply, endocannabinoids are cannabis-related compounds that occur naturally within our bodies ('endo' just means 'within'). These compounds work as messengers; when they attach themselves to tiny receptors on the outside of cells. they trigger specific reactions inside the cells, which we then experience as either physical or emotional sensations. 

Our research focused on the role of cannabinoids in appetite, specifically on the way they make us crave certain foods, and then enjoy those foods more once we eat them. However, due to the fact that cannabinoid receptors are so widely distributed throughout the brain and body, they also contribute to the regulation of mood, sleep, pain, nerve conductivity, emotion, memory, nausea, digestion, the immune and inflammatory response, endocrine hormones, fat storage, and much much more! 


While I am a strong believer in the potential health benefits of stimulating the cannabinoid system, I do also know (speaking as a scientist of course) that THC - the main psychoactive component in cannabis - has very different effects in different people, does not agree with everyone, and is not always compatible with the activities of daily living 🤤😣🧘🏼‍♀️😴 With all this in mind, you can imagine my interest when a range of legal, THC-free, CBD-based wellness products finally hit the shelves in the UK this year 🤔

I’ve picked one up as a starter, based on good reviews and personal recommendations. Please note - while I know the scientific theory is there to back these products up in the most general sense, I do have some serious reservations about their manufacturing and quality control, so this is DEFINITELY NOT A PUBLIC ENDORSEMENT of any particular product!! I am, however, highly curious, and happy to take one for the team to investigate.... 😜

 Do you have any experience, good or bad, with CBD oil? I’d love to know! Xx 




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