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'I cannot recommend this class enough - it's about technique not torture'


'This class is excellent, Beth is a superb instructor and I highly recommend it to anyone who hasn't tried Barre before.'

'Love this class, great instructor, very clear guidance, challenging (for me anyway!) but without being too serious or intimidating to a newcomer.'

'Fun, friendly class. Great, enthusiastic teacher and a very challenging but enjoyable workout that I felt the effects of the next couple of days! Just what I was looking for.'

-ClassPass and MoveGB Customer Reviews
-Barre Fitness, 2019

"I suffered with chronic back pain for 2 years and was feeling despondent after having had limited success with various physio, massage, chiropractor and osteopaths. Following a recommendation from a friend I visited Beth at En Pointe Fitness.  She listened carefully to my condition to understand the things I'd tried, what had helped and what hadn't, before starting a program to stabilise and rebuild the strength of my inner core. I felt improvements after just the first couple of sessions and we progressed the exercises until my back was pain free and I felt strong again. Beth is a great listener, knows her stuff and adjusted our sessions accordingly. I was amazed at what a difference these exercises made and together with other work I was doing, I was able to finally conquer my back pain once and for all. I'm extremely grateful to Beth at En Pointe Fitness for the help she provided in my journey to recovery from back pain."

-Rob S
-Personal Training (Core Stability), 2019

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'I have been training with Beth since the end of 2017. It’s been a great journey so far for my mind and body! Beth has taught me to engage muscles I never knew existed. I’ve incorporated new moves and a few pieces of equipment into my fitness regime. She’s spent time correcting bad form which has improved my strength. Beth has also been able to share knowledge around different types of workouts and even nutrition which has benefitted me enormously (we’ve discussed the pros and cons of carb cycling and interval training at 6am!) I never thought I would have a P.T because the whole thing sounded so intimidating but Beth is so amazing so work with and makes deadlifts, dead bugs and ladders exciting. We tend to do circuits and they’re so varied I am never bored (which can happen at the gym or with home workouts.) She has also offered flexible sessions to fit around family life (did I mention 6am starts ?!). I highly recommend undertaking some sessions :)'
-Alex P
-Personal Training, March 2018

'I have had two sessions with Beth so far,and both have been very informative and enjoyable. I feel completely relaxed in her presence and have found her to be very encouraging and thorough. Her sensitive guidance and support is enabling me to approach my fitness regime with a fresh approach which is both inspiring and rewarding. I would highly recommend En Pointe Fitness to anyone seeking guidance and teaching to improve their fitness and wellbeing.'
-Cheryl B
-Personal Training, January 2018

'Beth is such a wonderful teacher, she works you hard but makes the PT sessions so enjoyable at the same time! Her positivity keeps you motivated, and she really takes your goals and abilities into account when forming your individualised exercise plan. I have definitely noticed a difference in my confidence and stamina since working with Beth. Thank you!'
-Millie FD
-Personal Training, October 2017

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'Beth is a great teacher, patient and explains things very well. As a teacher myself I know how important technique is , and learning this properly has shown me how less you need to do when you do it right. I’ve had 7 sessions and can see my body changing shape and I even noticed my improvement in strength on the tennis court. I’ve never been one to go to gym or work out , but I’m loving this. Has a knock on effect to mental health and general well being. Thanks Beth!'
-Phil J
-Personal Training, October 2017

'Beth has been my PT since early this year, and our work together has been truly inspirational to me. Beth has listened to the goals that I wanted to achieve and applied her extensive knowledge to build a fail proof fitness programme allowing me to accomplish above and beyond. The unlimited encouragement, support & kindness from Beth has allowed me to work myself harder that I thought was possible! I feel truly blessed to work with such a wonderful teacher - I can't recommended Beth highly enough.'
-Laura B
-Personal Training, May 2017

'I have been to a few of the ballet HIIT classes now and love them! Beth is a fantastic instructor. She plans her classes really well and ensures that there is a good mixture of ballet, aerobics and and mat exercises for all levels. A great music selection helps to keep you moving and exercise without realising. The location is great in central Brighton with a nice, bright, airy studio to dance in. I wholeheartedly recommend the class to anyone who would like to get fit 'gracefully' and revisit those ballet steps from your youth.'
-Jayne CG
-Dance Fitness Class, March 2017

'Beth's classes are friendly, great fun and time flies while exercising. I noticed the difference in my body within a few weeks with feeling much more toned and fitness levels improving. Beth adjusted the class exercises weekly so it never got boring and I felt muscles that I never knew I had - in a good way! I would highly recommend Beth as a trainer.' 
-Claire F
-Circuits Class, Nov 2016