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If you want to know what it feels like to work with us, have a look at what some of our lovely customers have to say:

'Beth is a highly inspirational trainer. She provides excellent motivation and encouragement. In our time working together I have learned so much about the mechanisms of my body which has enabled me to get the most from our sessions. Beth has been an integral part of me developing my acro-yoga practise. Our training has pushed me to tap into new strength which has allowed me to achieve my goals in acro-yoga. Our sessions are always fully engaged and super-fun!' -Laura B -Personal Training, May 2017

'I have been to a few of the ballet HIIT classes now and love them! Beth is a fantastic instructor. She plans her classes really well and ensures that there is a good mixture of ballet, aerobics and and mat exercises for all levels. A great music selection helps to keep you moving and exercise without realising. The location is great in central Brighton with a nice, bright, airy studio to dance in. I wholeheartedly recommend the class to anyone who would like to get fit 'gracefully' and revisit those ballet steps from your youth.' -Jayne CG -Dance Fitness, March 2017

'I attended ballet body conditioning yesterday and received a warm welcome from Beth. I was a little apprehensive as it is years since I have done ballet and far too many months since I have done any vigorous exercise. I need not have worried. There was a wonderful enthusiastic but also laid back atmosphere in the class and I caught the buzz! We went round in a circuits format and the different stations had options for different levels of fitness so I could participate in the right way for me. I'm pleased to say my legs are a little wobbly today and I'm looking forward to challenging myself with some more body conditioning again soon!' -Cath B -Ballet Circuits, Jan 2017 'I went into Beth's ballet circuit class a bit nervous as to how my lack of ballet training was going to show. After a thorough warm up Beth did a demo of each stage and my trepidation decreased somewhat - I began to realise that each station was focusing on core strength and balance which is the basis (in my mind) of all exercise. The class was very challenging and fun. Beth's way of taking the class ensured that we all knew what we were doing, she gave us all individual advice on how we could improve each stage that suited our needs and through her vast knowledge and enthusiasm helped me to push myself further than I would have when exercising on my own. Beth is kind and patient and I would truly recommend anyone to her that would like to gain knowledge of their bodies and be the best they can be!' -Sam T -Ballet Circuits, Dec 2016

'Beth's classes are friendly, great fun and time flies while exercising. I noticed the difference in my body within a few weeks with feeling much more toned and fitness levels improving. Beth adjusted the class exercises weekly so it never got boring and I felt muscles that I never knew I had - in a good way! I would highly recommend Beth as a trainer.' -Claire F -Ballet Circuits, Nov 2016

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Elizabeth Jones, PhD - En Pointe Fitness
Personal Training, Barre Classes and Dance Conditioning, Brighton & Hove
07967 137234

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