• 8 Key Exercises to Keep You Strong

Daily Dance Conditioning Essentials

Dear Dancers - I have created this full length dance conditioning workout (22 mins) just for you!


These are the fundamental exercises I recommend doing every day (or 5 times per week), either to compliment your regular dancing schedule, or to keep you dancer-strong during quarantine 🙌🏻 💕 💪🏻


Follow along with the video until you get used to the moves, then once you are confident with your technique, pick some music you enjoy and do your thing! It shouldn’t take any more than 20 mins of your day 💫 🔥 ✨


Any thoughts, comments, questions, requests for future videos, please always ask, I’ll help if I can. Stay strong dancers! 😘 xxx

... Update! ✨ I have now updated this video to include teaching points that will pop up as subtitles as you watch, meaning you have a mini tutorial on each exercise at your fingertips. Just pause the video as and when you want to have a read. If you prefer the old version, it's saved to my YouTube channel. Enjoy! ✨

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