• For when ordinary planks just aren't doing it

Medicine Ball Planks

If you are looking for some workout inspiration for the coming week, why not have a go at some of these medicine ball plank variations? They are great for when ordinary planks just aren't doing it for you anymore! ;) I'll be honest - these exercises require a pretty intense combination of full body strength, alignment, and balance (as you'll see from my tongue-out-concentrating-face in the vid, haha) so if they are a bit too tricky for you right now feel free to message me or comment below for modifications that can be done on the mat or with a Swiss ball. It often only takes a few simple building blocks to work up to the full exercise. Top tip - keep watching to the end for the toughest variation. These Reverse Mountain Climbers require good intrinsic foot strength, a clear focus on standing leg engagement, and precise transfer of weight when moving from one side to the other. Great for all the dancers out there! Have fun everyone, be safe and enjoy! Xxx

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