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Case Studies Wanted!

If you have found your way here to the EPF blog, chances are you have an interest in dance, yoga, or another form of sports conditioning.

If so, you are in the right place! And if you are working towards some kind of goal, whether personal or performance-based, you may be interested in taking part as one of our personal training case studies. Sound good? Then read on!

We currently have a few spaces available, starting in August, and the deal is this: We will offer you a half-price programme of 6 x one-hour personalised training sessions, along with recommendations on how to train between sessions, ongoing support on meeting your goals, and nutritional advice to support your workouts as needed. In return, we will ask for an honest review at the end of the process, and your permission to share a write up of our time together, as an educational tool for other dancers and athletes.

If you haven't already seen our existing case study examples, check them out here, and if you are interested in participating, don't hesitate to get in touch!

Remember - no goal is too big or too small! 💫💕💫 xxx

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Elizabeth Jones, PhD - En Pointe Fitness
Personal Training, Barre Classes and Dance Conditioning, Brighton & Hove
07967 137234

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