Core Stability Workshops - Jan 2021

This January, I am delighted to announce I will be launching a series of in-depth, technique-based conditioning workshops, which will take place via Zoom at 8pm on a Monday evening. This term we will begin by focusing on core stability, following the graded system of exercises devised by physiotherapist Lisa Howell.

These workshops will not involve the type of 'core workouts' you may have experienced in the past - instead the exercises are quiet and mindful, and focus on re-programming the way the brain connects to the deep muscles of the inner core. In Grade 1 we begin with basic breathing techniques and pelvic floor activation, and as we progress through the Grades, we gradually start increasing muscle activation from the inside out.

I have had fantastic results using this program with 121 clients, and cannot recommend it enough for anyone who dances, and also for people who have struggled to regain their core strength after childbirth or back problems.

Times & dates:

- Workshops will take place via Zoom at 8-9 pm on Monday evenings

- Dates for this term will be 11th January - 8th February (5 weeks)

- There are 5 Grades in the program; we will work through Grades 1-3 in the first 5 weeks, and if people wish to continue to the more advanced levels, I will extend the course to cover Grades 4 & 5 after half term

- Due to the Graded progression of these exercises, I will be taking block bookings for the 5-week course only, no drop-ins, sorry!

Workshop format:

- Each 1-hour session will begin with time for questions and an opportunity to re-cap over exercises from the previous week

- We will then work through approximately 4 exercises in detail, making sure everyone is comfortable with the techniques

- All participants are encouraged to please allow 15-20 mins per day between sessions to practice their exercises. Activating the deep core musculature does take practice, and it's important that you have mastered the exercises from each Grade before moving onto the next. You will get out what you put in with these workshops and I promise if you practice you will see good results


- You will need a small (approx 20 cm) inflatable pilates ball similar to this: 66fit Pilates Soft Balls - Set of 2 – 66fit UK

- Please also have a pen and paper nearby in case you want to make notes as we go along, or jot down which exercises are most relevant to you

To book, ask questions, or find out more, please drop me an email.



"I suffered with chronic back pain for 2 years and was feeling despondent after having had limited success with various physio, massage, chiropractor and osteopaths. Following a recommendation from a friend I visited Beth at En Pointe Fitness. She listened carefully to my condition to understand the things I'd tried, what had helped and what hadn't, before starting a program to stabilise and rebuild the strength of my inner core. I felt improvements after just the first couple of sessions and we progressed the exercises until my back was pain free and I felt strong again. Beth is a great listener, knows her stuff and adjusted our sessions accordingly. I was amazed at what a difference these exercises made and together with other work I was doing, I was able to finally conquer my back pain once and for all. I'm extremely grateful to Beth at En Pointe Fitness for the help she provided in my journey to recovery from back pain."

-Rob S, Personal Training (Graded Core Stability Program) 2019