Dance Fitness Classes

Dearest Friends,

Yes - the rumours are true.. My Dance Fitness Classes are BACK BABY YEAH!!!

Starting January 7th 2019, I will be running 3 classes a week at WWSDance. These will be aimed at beginners and open to all fitness levels. Both classes will draw on elements of classical ballet, but no previous dance experience is required.

Details are below - if you have any questions about which class is most suitable for you, if you are worried about existing injuries or have any other questions just drop me a message and I'll be happy to help out.

See you at the barre my lovelies!

Beth. Xx

EPF Dance Fitness Classes – January 2019

Classes are held at WWSDance, in Seven Dials, Brighton. All studios are equipped with mirrors, barres, and sprung floors, so you can work in comfort and safety.

EPF Barre Fitness - Mondays 20.15-21.00 & Fridays 13.00-13.45

EPF Barre Fitness fuses elements of classical ballet, pilates, and strength training to provide an impact-free full-body workout.

Working at the barre, in the centre, or on yoga mats, you will progress through a series of exercises that build cardiovascular stamina as well as developing long, toned muscles.

Movements are performed at a controlled pace in order to ensure you are working safely and with correct alignment.

Benefits of EPF Barre Fitness:

  • No impact so gentle on the joints

  • Sculpts long lean limbs

  • Improves stamina and burns fat

  • Challenge your muscles with isometric holds and end range pulse

Open to all levels – no experience necessary.

Introduction to Progressing Ballet Technique - Fridays 14.00-14.45

Progressing Ballet Technique (PBT) is a revolutionary programme designed to improve conditioning and postural awareness for ballet dancers in training.

Working on Swiss balls or with small pilates balls, your balance, core strength, and alignment will be challenged like never before!

Exercises are performed at a controlled pace, with an emphasis on bringing a dance-like quality to the movement.

Benefits of Introduction to PBT:

  • Zero-impact alternative to ballet class

  • Increases core strength

  • Promotes postural symmetry and stability

  • Introduces the basic positions of ballet

No experience necessary! This course will walk you through all the basics of PBT, whether you have studied ballet before or not.

Book Now for January 2019.

See you at the barre my lovelies!

Beth. xx

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