Updated: Oct 14, 2020

Working on upper body push strength today (which, by the way, is my nemesis). These tuck-throughs are killer... Getting from plank to reverse plank isn’t too bad, but getting the legs back through again is SUPER tough (‘specially when your socks get sweaty and start sticking to the floor 🤣). You have to really push and lift to get as much distance between the floor and the shoulders as you can, while still maintaining your abdominal compression with knees to the chest. It’s a conundrum I’m still getting to grips with 😆 Note: if you try this at home - do it on something more secure than these yoga blocks!! Also, if you need to regress it, try working on slightly higher blocks or parallettes - the extra distance between your shoulders and the floor will make it easier.

Have fun! Xxx

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