Split Squats with Band

Updated: Oct 14, 2020

Working on my single leg strength and stability today with this killer split squat variation 💪🏻💀👌🏻

Placing the back foot in the stirrup of a band provides you with two progressions beyond those of your ordinary split squat:

✅ You experience some serious full body stability challenges - you will really feel glute medius on the side of the front leg working overtime to stabilise the weight-bearing hip ✅ You basically can’t place any weight through the back leg at all - that poor front leg will have to take one for the team!

If you want to start working on your single leg strength, try these progressions to get you going:

1️⃣ Static lunge 2️⃣ Split squat with rear foot on low stable surface 3️⃣ Split squat with rear foot on high stable surface 4️⃣ Split squat with rear foot on semi stable surface, eg blue side of BOSU 5️⃣ Split squat with rear foot in band 6️⃣ Single leg squat 💪🏻💪🏻

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