Footwear Tips

As many of you know, I encourage my personal training clients to work in minimal footwear during our sessions, in order to strengthen the feet and ankles, give the toes space to spread out as nature intended, and expose any naughty habits such as rolling arches or gripping pinkies!

Minimal running shoes are great for this, and will give you the best level of protection if you are not used to working in bare feet. However, they can be more of an investment piece, so depending on your budget when you start out, you may also want to consider a pair of canvas ballet shoes, or some simple pilates socks with grippy soles.

See below for my suggestions!

Sweaty Betty pilates socks £12

Bloch canvas ballet slippers £24

Vivobarefoot minimalist trainers £85

And please remember: We have the luxury of working on a sprung floor at WWSD, and I will be monitoring your safety carefully. Please don't try working out in bare feet at home until you have the strength and experience to do so safely! 😊 Xxx

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