Protein Combining for Optimum Nutrition

Whether you eat meat fish and dairy, or prefer a more plant-based diet, combining complementary proteins can be an excellent way to top up your levels of amino acids.

The main limiting factor in getting enough protein in a vegan diet is the amino acid lysine. This is one of our 'essential' amino acids, meaning we have to eat it every day, in order for our bodies to generate sufficient protein. But most fruits and veggies only contain low quantities of lysine, meaning they are not considered 'complete'. Legumes, on the other hand (beans, pulses, lentils and peanuts), contain lots of the lovely stuff!

So just top up your daily wholegrain intake with a few portions of legumes and you'll be good to go! My poster below contains a few example food pairings for you if you're not sure where to begin.

Also, don't forget that buckwheat, quinoa and soy are your power foods - they already contain all the amino acids you need!

Eat well and feel good everyone! And please share with your protein-loving friends! 💚✨❤️ Xxx

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