Master Your Micros!

Stuck in a food rut? Want to eat more healthily but don't know where to begin? Forget fad diets and complicated recipes, and use the following handy trick to re-vamp your grocery list. Your cupboards will be brimming with nutritious goodies, and preparing balanced meals and healthy snacks will be a walk in the park!

The first step is to understand the difference between your macros and your micros. Say what?! It's simple really. Macro nutrient is a term we use to group foods into whether they are mainly carbohydrate, fat, or protein-based. Balancing your macros is an important part of eating a healthy diet, and one that many people are well aware of. However, if we really want to make sure we have the right fuels to support all of our body's key functions, we need to think about what micro nutrients foods contain. This simply refers to the vitamins and minerals that naturally occur in each ingredient.

You can get as technical as you want when planning a diet balanced in micronutirets, but if you ask me, by far the easiest approach is to write a list of all the key micros, and look up a couple of food types that are a good natural source of each. Use this is as your shopping list next time you go to buy groceries, and you'll find your macros will naturally balance themselves. You'll be well on your way to eating a nutrient-rich diet with minimal fuss!

Example Micronutrient Shopping List

Good luck everyone, eat well, enjoy, and be happy!

Beth Jones, PhD. xxx

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