Progressing Ballet Technique & Dance Conditioning

As well as being a personal trainer, I am fully-qualified to teach both Progressing Ballet Technique and Lisa Howell 's dance conditioning programs.

Dancers are often referred to as being the 'athletes of the gods', due to their ability to make the most physically demanding movements appear effortless and beautiful. 

Anyone who has danced, however, will be aware of the demands this art form can place on their body, and many dancers need a little extra helping maintaining the strength, flexibility, and fitness levels they require.

I can assess your needs, and design an individual programme that will help you meet your dancing goals. Programmes usually include elements of traditional sports conditioning, sequences from the Progressing Ballet Technique (PBT) syllabus, and targeted exercises designed by ballet physiotherapist Lisa Howell

Just some of the things I can help you achieve are: 

  • Improved stamina for allegro 

  • Stronger and safer jumps

  • Deep core activation and pelvic stability

  • Pre-pointe strength and improved pointe range 

  • Higher extensions and arabesques 

  • Increased flexibility according to your body type

  • Understanding how to return from injury safely 



"For every 5 hours a student spends dancing, they should dedicate 1 hour to cardiovascular training and mobility work, and 1 hour to specific dance conditioning exercises that are based on their own individual needs."

-Lisa Howell,

Perfect Form Physiotherapy

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