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Barre classes are growing in popularity due to their ability to sculpt long, lean muscles, with minimum impact on the joints. While my Personal Training and classic Barre Fitness classes remain on hold, my Barre on the Ball class will be going virtual as of September 14th 2020

Barre on the Ball

My Virtual Barre on the Ball classes are a conditioning class like no other. By combining exercises from the official PBT syllabus with elements of more traditional stability ball training, this class will challenge your core, balance, alignment, and posture like never before.  These classes are recommended for those with an intermediate level of fitness, but you do not need any dance experience to take part.

What to Expect

Working at home with large stability, or Swiss balls, as well as with smaller Pilates balls, you will progress through a series of exercises that strengthen the core, improve your balance, and develop long, toned muscles.


I will demonstrate each exercise and talk you through the key teaching points before you try it; I will then observe, talk you through the sequence, and offer feedback while you do the hard work! This means there will be short pauses throughout the class while you watch and learn, but you can still expect to feel the burn in those legs bums and tums!

Benefits of Barre on the Ball

-Safely build strength and flexibility from the comfort of your own home

-Try exercises from the PBT syllabus, combined with traditional Swiss ball conditioning 

-Great for improving balance, posture, and core strength 

-No jumping / impact on the joints 

-No dance experience necessary

What You Need

-A Swiss ball (if you are unsure what size you need, this post might help)

-An inflatable pilates ball (approximately football-sized)

-A yoga mat 

-A Zoom account and stable internet connection

-Hand weights are optional and can be used during some exercises for an added upper body workout  

How to Join

Everyone will need to complete a simple online health screening form (PARQ) before joining their first virtual class - no PARQ, no class! Here's how: 

-Direct bookings: Please email me for availability, I will then reserve your space and send you payment details plus a link to my online PARQ 

-MoveGB: When I receive your booking I will email you the link to my online PARQ

Once your payment and PARQ have been received, I will share the Zoom meeting link via email - all you have to do is follow the link to log in on the day!

Please note: Due to the nature of working with stability balls, Barre on the Ball may not be suitable for all individuals. If you are are pregnant, have problems with your balance, or have any injuries please contact me for advice. 


£9.00 per class

Block of 6

£7.00 per class

Elizabeth Jones, PhD - En Pointe Fitness
Personal Training, Barre Classes and Dance Conditioning, Brighton & Hove
07967 137234

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