If you are looking for some workout inspiration for the coming week, why not have a go at some of these medicine ball plank variations? They are great for when ordinary planks just aren't doing it for you anymore! ;) 

I'll be honest - these exercises require a pretty intense combination of ful...

Working on upper body push strength today (which, by the way, is my nemesis). 

These tuck-throughs are killer... Getting from plank to reverse plank isn’t too bad, but getting the legs back through again is SUPER tough (‘specially when your socks get sweaty and start sticking to the floor 🤣)....

A great little routine for you here, brilliant for building balance, stability, and upper body strength. This one is not for the faint-hearted, so make sure you build up to it slowly if you are new to this kind of work. Message me or comment below for regressions and teaching points! Xxx 

I absolutely love working on my pike headstands. I have graduated away from the Swiss ball now. Just working on hamstring flexibility so I can get up without that little hop. :) Xxx

This is a great little routine for anyone wanting to build upper body strength and core stability. I am using 6kg kettlebells here, but make sure you choose an appropriate weight. Always go for technique over excessive load! 

1. Renegade row: Make sure you hold your plank position, and use your...

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December 23, 2018