I absolutely love working on my pike headstands. I have graduated away from the Swiss ball now. Just working on hamstring flexibility so I can get up without that little hop. :) Xxx

I call that last move 'the juddering frog' >.< 

So if there’s something you really want, just make sure you keep plugging away. You will get there 🙃❤️👊🏻

Have a wonderful weekend everyone! 😘 xxx

If you've been keeping up with our Personal Training Case Studies, you may be familiar with our work with Laura B. 

Since our last post (which contains details of Laura's goals, and an overview of our first training cycle) we have continued to work on Laura's upper body strength and deep core stabili...

In order to meet Laura’s goals, we decided to focus on the three key areas involved in executing a straddle press handstand: 1. Low back and gluteal strength (to draw the pelvis and legs up and overhead) 2. Arm, shoulder, and upper back strength (to support the body during planche and inversion) 3....

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December 23, 2018