December 23, 2018

Great news!! My Progressing Ballet Technique classes will now be open to the public! Watch this space for details of my beginners' course coming soon! Xxx

#ProgressingBalletTechnique #PBT 

Here I am, trying to eek out a few extra inches of extension!

Old leftie still won't go as high as righty in arabesque (I think because of a weak glute medius muscle on the left - I really must do more clamshells on that side!!). 

Whether you dance or not, practicing slow and simple moveme...

If you are looking for some workout inspiration for the coming week, why not have a go at some of these medicine ball plank variations? They are great for when ordinary planks just aren't doing it for you anymore! ;) 

I'll be honest - these exercises require a pretty intense combination of ful...

Charlotte and I began training together in 2017. Charlotte was keen to work on some core restoration exercises, as her two lovely children had been delivered via cesarian section, and she felt that her abdominal muscles needed a little TLC. When we met, Charlotte was also recovering from a hip injur...

A great little routine for you here, brilliant for building balance, stability, and upper body strength. This one is not for the faint-hearted, so make sure you build up to it slowly if you are new to this kind of work. Message me or comment below for regressions and teaching points! Xxx 

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December 23, 2018