Here I am, trying to eek out a few extra inches of extension!

Old leftie still won't go as high as righty in arabesque (I think because of a weak glute medius muscle on the left - I really must do more clamshells on that side!!). 

Whether you dance or not, practicing slow and simple moveme...

January 13, 2018

Working on a few BOSU goals of my own today :) Xxx

This is a great little routine for anyone wanting to build upper body strength and core stability. I am using 6kg kettlebells here, but make sure you choose an appropriate weight. Always go for technique over excessive load! 

1. Renegade row: Make sure you hold your plank position, and use your...

Millie and I began personal training together in August this year, with the goal of increasing Millie’s upper body strength, and improving her overall body toning. 

In order to meet these goals, I put together a full body workout plan for Millie, which consisted of the following elements: 

  • Compoun...

August 16, 2017

That's right folks - it's time to GET STABLE!

Here are 3 of my favourite balance drills for dancers, gymnasts, and anyone who wants to feel a bit more steady on their feet. 

Did you know, that body has two mechanisms by which it gathers feedback and maintains its balance? 


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December 23, 2018