Working on upper body push strength today (which, by the way, is my nemesis). 

These tuck-throughs are killer... Getting from plank to reverse plank isn’t too bad, but getting the legs back through again is SUPER tough (‘specially when your socks get sweaty and start sticking to the floor 🤣)....

February 19, 2018

Alex and I began training together in November last year, and have been primarily working on a circuits format. 

Alex was familiar with the technique involved in many gym-based exercises before we started, and after she asked me to ‘get evil’ with her (love it!!) we agreed that circuits would be the...

Charlotte and I began training together in 2017. Charlotte was keen to work on some core restoration exercises, as her two lovely children had been delivered via cesarian section, and she felt that her abdominal muscles needed a little TLC. When we met, Charlotte was also recovering from a hip injur...

Feeling in need of a good quad burn? 🔥✨🔥

I’ve been working on this little flow for adding strength and length to the quads and deep abdominals/hip flexors. It goes like this: 

Descending sissy squat > camel pose > chair pose > ascending sissy squat 

When working on your sissy squats (which...

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