July 26, 2018

Working on this little Progressing Ballet Technique combo to try and get more stability in my fondus and temps levees. This was my first go at this exercise and it felt pretty wobbly, so we'll consider it a work in progress for now! :) xxx

Here I am, trying to eek out a few extra inches of extension!

Old leftie still won't go as high as righty in arabesque (I think because of a weak glute medius muscle on the left - I really must do more clamshells on that side!!). 

Whether you dance or not, practicing slow and simple moveme...

Slowly but surely progressing towards my front splits ☺️

While I still have a way to go with getting that back leg straight, I never dreamt I would get this far. As someone who was not born with naturally open hips, never did the splits as a child, and has run a lot of miles over the years, I’ve real...

January 13, 2018

Working on a few BOSU goals of my own today :) Xxx

I absolutely love working on my pike headstands. I have graduated away from the Swiss ball now. Just working on hamstring flexibility so I can get up without that little hop. :) Xxx

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December 23, 2018