Eversion and Inversion

Do you include inversion and eversion in your foot conditioning programme? ⬅️🤔➡️ ... Well it’s not too late to start! Maintaining equal strength through both borders of the lower leg will strengthen your arches and stabilise your ankles. ⚖️ ... Dancers are often reluctant to invert & supinate their feet, as they feel they will encourage the feet to sickle. However, strengthening the inner aspect of the deep calf is one of the most important things you can do to get a higher Demi point, ensure safe landings, and prevent injury. ... If, like many dancers, the outer aspect of your calf often feels tight and irritated, instead of winging out into the band, focus on loading the muscles eccentric

Lat Stretches

Did you know, if your lats are chronically tight they can pull your pelvis into an anterior tilt, which will put your hamstrings under tension? 🤔💡🤯 ... The lats are often tight in dancers, due to their role in holding the frame and arms. If you suffer from persistent low back ache, or struggle with tight hamstrings that just don’t want to stretch, try working on your lats for a couple of weeks instead and feel the difference. 🩰 💫 🙌🏼 ... Due to the fact that the lats cover more surface area than any other muscle of the body, and have multiple origin and insertion points, there are many different ways of stretching them. Each variation will all access different fibres of the muscle; so

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