Convince Your Body That it is Safe

Take a little time to think about this, because this is everything. 🧘🏼‍♀️ When your nervous system tells your brain that you are safe, the body creates the perfect platform for healing. You will likely experience: ✅ Lower levels of inflammation ✅ Fewer feelings of anxiety and depression ✅ Better sleep ✅ Increased flexibility ✅ Clearer thinking and improved performance ✅ Faster healing and reduced recovery time ✅ Fewer cravings and impulses Help nurture this ‘safe state’ by incorporating the following things into your routine: ✅ Strengthen your muscles, particularly at end range ✅ Stabilise your joints and pelvis, ensuring appropriate recruitment of local muscles

Elizabeth Jones, PhD - En Pointe Fitness
Personal Training, Barre Classes and Dance Conditioning, Brighton & Hove
07967 137234

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